Consulting Engineers and Metallurgists Welcome to the website of R.L. Grunes & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm which provides expert services in engineering and metallurgy. These can be directed at developing an understanding of the circumstances, events, proximate cause and physical damage associated with matters of interest.  Consequent expert testimony is available.	

Our staff offers extensive experience in a number of disciplines, including:  materials, metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, civil/structural and chemical engineering as well as industrial safety, pollution control and fire safety.  By way of historical example, these have been applied to:  motor vehicles (on and off road), construction practices and equipment, explosions and fires, production machines/installations, vertical transportation systems, plumbing systems/facilities, pipelines, pressure vessels, containers and marine components.

Billing is on a portal to portal fee plus expense basis. Please inquire as to our current rates. 

The curriculum vitae of Dr. Robert Grunes is available as a basis for additional inquiry.

We look forward to being of service in the near future.
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